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Why you’re losing your sales prospects at ‘hello’

When you’re chatting to your sales prospect you want them understanding one thing, how your product or service is going to help them.  Immediately after your presentation, your sales prospect will remember less than 50% of what you said,  a week later they will remember less than 10%.  Getting your sales prospect to retain information is difficult, don’t lose them before you’ve started by confusing them with your language, be conscious of the following 4 lingo pitfalls:

Watch the product lingo

You’ve got a whole suite of products, features and internal acronyms for your service. Remember the first time you chat with your prospect they have no idea what they mean or stand for.  If you want your prospect focusing on the value you provide and not confused by your product lingo, make sure you’re clear in communicating what you’re talking about.

Watch the sales lingo

Countless times I’ve heard ‘so what competitors are you looking at?’ ‘who is the decision maker?’ ‘what objections might your team have in putting this in place?’

They are competitors to you, providers to your prospect. Decision makers to you colleague to your prospect. Objections to you, reasons to your prospect. Remember you’re not in a sales meeting with your manager.

Watch the ego lingo

We’re best in class, the market leader, award-winning etc. Other than sounding boastful, what does that really mean when every other provider is saying exactly the same thing?  If what you’re saying is true then let your clients speak on your behalf about the quality of your service. What your customer is saying about you is far more powerful than what you’re saying about yourself.

Watch the business lingo 

Strategic, Ecosystem, Robust, Execution, Buy-in, Deliverables, don’t overdo the business jargon to sound smart, you’re not writing a report, you’re getting to know your prospect. Keep it simple.

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