I’m writing for anyone who works in sales. I promise you no sales jargon and no old-fashioned sales cliches or training techniques. Just my view of the 15 years I’ve spent selling and the things I’ve learnt that allowed me to have an enjoyable career in sales.  I hope you’ll learn a few things that will make you better at your job and grow your confidence. If you’re a sales leader I hope you’ll find some ideas to help you develop your team.

Train before the big game

I love sales. And I love sport, both team and individual alike. As a professional athlete, you spend around 80% of your time preparing and training and 20% of your time performing. That 80% is made up of being coached on your skills, preparing yourself mentally and being inspired by your leader. The remaining 20% of the time is spent putting all that training into practice and achieving the best of your potential.  In the business world we don’t get the luxury of time. At best, organizations spend less than  1-3% of their time training and coaching their sales team.

Sales management and training is hard, really hard and time-consuming. You know it needs the most focus but always get the least attention. You have the demands and the pressure of the business. “Hit the number, grow revenue, recruit the team”.  It is hard to plan ahead when sales can be very much about the now.

Having lived that world most of my career, I can empathise with the struggle between training and developing yourself or your team in a small window of time. So think of this blog like you’re personal sales coach. I’ll share ideas with you that you can read today and implement as quickly as tomorrow.

I would love your feedback and to chat, contributions are welcome as well. Please get in touch with me @TomLavery7 and find me on LinkedIn

I hope you enjoy!



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